Ellie Goulding slams anti-begging campaign a 'joke'

Kensington and Chelsea council say 'beggars' use money for drugs

Ellie Goulding Lashes Out at UK 'Anti-Begging' Campaign

Pop star Ellie Goulding is rallying against a new media campaign telling British people to stop giving money to the homeless.

The singer hit out at advertisements advising against giving money to "beggars" by Kensington and Chelsea council.

The 28-year-old said she was "disappointed" to see the adverts and slammed the campaign a "joke".

The posters say giving money to people on the streets is not the best way to help them - and suggests the money could be used on drugs or alcohol that could kill them.

She tweeted: "Disappointed in Chelsea Borough council who appear to have started a poster campaign urging people to not give money to 'beggars'.

"Acts of kindness from people in the form of small amounts of change are important to people who are desperate. This campaign is a joke.

"If you are one of those awesome humans who gives a bit of your time to someone you can see is desperate keep doing so, you are wonderful."

Controversial campaign

The campaign posters say: "Please don't contribute to a person's death. Many people are not homeless and the money you are giving them is more likely to be spent on alcohol or drugs. Rather than helping them, you could contribute to their early death."

Nick Paget-Brown, leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, explained in a blog that the adverts are intended to help those living on the streets in a long-term way.

He said: "We believe that if people are unable to fund their drug and alcohol habit through begging they are more likely to access these services and we will support them to do so.

"So, don't be persuaded to give to street beggars, the truth is your money won't really be helping them."

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