Sofia Vergara's ex-fiance defends lawsuit for frozen embryos

Modern Family actress sued for custody

Sofia Vergara's Ex-Fiance Defends Lawsuit for Frozen Embryos

The ex-fiance of actress Sofia Vergara has defended his controversial decision to sue her for custody of two frozen embryos they created through IVF during their relationship.

Nick Loeb, the former partner of the Modern Family actress, is seeking to use two frozen embryos the couple created before separating, reports The Telegraph.

Loeb, 39, a multi-millionaire businessman, accused his former flame of wanting to keep the embryos 'sitting in a freezer until the end of time' which, he claimed, would be 'tantamount to killing them'.

In an opinion piece published in the New York Times, he said he had always 'dreamed of being a parent' and his desire to bring the embryos to term also stemmed partly from Catholic beliefs.

He and Vergara, 42, were a high profile couple during their four years together. He is a scion of the Loeb banking family and his father served as the US Ambassador to Denmark.

The couple split in May 2014 and the two female embryos remain frozen at a fertility clinic in Beverly Hills.

In August, Loeb used a pseudonym to sue the actress for custody, but their identities were leaked to the media.

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