Survey reveals car buyers' top 10 priorities

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Choosing which new car to buy can be a baffling decision, in a market littered with everything from superminis to 'crossovers', 4x4s to estate cars and sports cars to supercars. However, a recent survey has revealed the top 10 things car buyers look for when choosing their next vehicle.

Buyers may all have different ideas as to what defines the perfect car but, according to Carwow – the UK's largest new car buying platform – price is the most important factor for UK motorists when it comes to choosing their new car, followed by fuel economy and body colour.

The survey, which asked UK motorists to highlight their top considerations when deliberating over their next set of wheels, also revealed that, after colour, drivers factor in insurance group and cost, safety and performance above manufacturer, proving that safety is still a priority for many motorists.

More surprisingly, drivers deemed car size, quality and engine size as the least important factors when buying a new vehicle; three key areas which are usually heavily analysed in car reviews.

James Hind, CEO of Carwow, said: "We were most surprised to discover that performance, brand and design fall someway down the list of top considerations.

"Colour, on the other hand, which barely gets a mention in traditional car reviews, is actually the third most important thing for new car buyers."

Do you prioritise price over size, or brand over colour? Let us know how you choose your next car in the comments below.

Author: Sophie Williamson-Stothert