Taser test for pro-drifter

Tasered driver

Pro-racing drivers: cool, calm and collected - when they're isolated from the outside world by their helmets at least. But how do they fare behind the wheel when there's a little distraction?

US pro drifter Chris Forsberg is famed for being unflappable behind the wheel, sliding his car with millimetric precision and making it look easy in the process. To test just how good his car control skills are, he allowed a taser-wielding passenger to ride shotgun as he gives his car death around a race track, with the aim of putting him off his game.

This video has been created by Hoonigan Racing Division – formerly known as Monster World Rally Team – the people who brought you Ken Block's epic Gymkhana videos, in conjunction with DC Shoes.

Click play to watch this latest juvenile display below. And it goes without saying: don't try this at home.