Video: Heroic trucker saves passengers from burning car

Dash cam crash

Lorry drivers in the UK may get a bad rap thanks to a certain Mr Clarkson's ramblings, however, this US trucker is the kind of guy we want manning our lorries. Following a gruesome crash on the interstate in Mississippi, he jumps to the rescue.

Joining the highway a car driver loses control and ploughs into the side of an articulated lorry, piercing its fuel tank and causing a huge fireball, which sees the truck sent into the central reservation. The car is spun across the road before coming to a halt with flames breaking out from under the boot.

Undeterred by the flames licking the back of the car, truck driver David Fredericksen rifles around the cabin for his fire extinguisher and calmly jogs across to the burning car.

Seeing the brave truck driver heading towards the car, others follow. As Mr Fredericksen gets closer he saw the car driver kicking her mangled door in attempt to get out. As he wrenched the door open to help her out Mr Fredericksen also saw a baby girl strapped into a car seat and went to retrieve her.

Miraculously the baby escaped with nothing more than minor injuries, while the driver, her grandmother, suffered a broken leg and was carried away to safety. reported Mr Fredericksen as commenting: "I trusted in God when I went there. It could've blown up and killed me. I don't feel it's heroic. Other people would've done what I did.

"Really, what I feel is when I first got out of the truck, I was praying that they wouldn't be dead. I'm just glad they didn't die, you know?"

Watch the drama unfold below: