Racers turn track into personal demolition derby


when two racers go to war

Racing drivers are a competitive bunch. The annals of Formula One are littered with intense rivalries: Hunt and Lauda, Prost and Senna, Rosberg and Hamilton – there's always a pair of drivers that don't quite see eye to eye in their relentless pursuit of glory.

Things are just the same in the lower reaches of the motorsport hierarchy, except the drivers don't tend to be so civil in expressing their displeasure with their opponents – a point proven by two US stock car drivers during a race at the Bowman Gray stadium in North Carolina.

After a failed overtaking manouvre sees the drivers spin their cars, each of the two decides the other one is to blame, and rather than just carry on with the race, proceed to knock seven bells out of each other's car by driving into it at high speed.

After a few wince-inducing collisions, one decides he's had enough and continues around the track. That isn't the end of the debacle, though, as his opponent proceeds to drive across the grass infield in an attempt to chase him and plant one more blow on his battered car.

Eventually the pair are stopped, with one being escorted away by police. There's currently no word on possible punishments, but they're likely to receive a lengthy ban from this particular race series.

Click play below to see the red mist descend.