Driving Lessons - Clarkson style.


Top Gear star and controversial motoring writer Jeremy Clarkson is reported to be giving his 17-year-old daughter driving lessons.

Clarkson, known for his distinctive style, outlandish comments and opinionated reviews, wrote in his column in the Sun that his daughter Emily was a dab hand behind the wheel after he gave her some lessons.

Clarkson said: "She had a driving instructor to fill in the blanks that I didn't know, like the law."

But the distinctive Clarkson isn't teaching her simple driving techniques like Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre or parallel parking. Instead, he remains true to his "Top Gear" style, teaching her tricks.

Clarkson said: "I did the how to do a handbrake turn, power-sliding and J-turns - the important stuff."

Having recently been in the news for brandishing other motorist "idiots" on the social networking site Twitter, sharing personal registration plates to humiliate unsuspecting motorists, Clarkson admitted that Emily was already taking after him.

He added: "She is pretty handy now. I taught her to do a handbrake turn in a Focus RS and I must admit she's pretty good at it."

No test date has yet been reported, as other UK motorists brace themselves for the second "Clarkson" to hit the road.