Don't panic! But the famous Dad's Army van has been sold


Don't panic – the famous J. Jones van from the classic Dad's Army TV series has been sold!

The 1935 Ford Box van that featured in the TV series, which remains popular to this very day despite last being filmed in the late 70s, sold for £63,100 – more than double the original estimate.

Fans will be especially pleased to hear that the van, driven by "Don't Panic!" Lance Corporal Jones, was eventually won by the Dad's Army museum, based in Thetford, Norfolk, where the series was originally filmed.

Returning to where it once served with the likes of Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe), Sergeant Arthur Wilson (John Le Mesurier) and the van's owner, Lance Corporal Jack Jones (Clive Dunn), the van will make a great addition to the museum's priceless collection of memorabilia.

Fans of the series will be pleased to hear the van will be given a good home after the news that Clive Dunn, who owned and drove the van in the TV series and famed for his catch phrase "Don't Panic!", sadly died four weeks ago on November 6, 2012, aged 92.

The J. Jones "Family Butcher" van was used in a number of episodes but will still need to earn its keep if the museum is to retain ownership of the iconic vehicle. The museum appealed for a "generous benefactor" when the van came up for sale and bid with money put forward by Trevor and Mavis Jenkins and the Pearson family.

Jo Pearson bid on behalf of the museum, as museum manager Corinne Fulford described the auction as "the most nerve racking thing I've ever experienced" to the EDP24 website.

The money will now be paid back at a later date from fundraising efforts and the J. Jones van will join other exhibits from the TV series at the museum.