5,000 children banned from UK roads since 2009


Children banned from drivingVauxhall

It's not just adults who get banned from driving – but children as well!

More than 5,000 kids have been banned from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle since 2009, even though they are under 17 years of age.

The startling news comes from Auto Express which placed a Freedom of Information request with the DVLA.

In total 5,333 children have been prohibited from driving over the last three years, including five 11-year-olds; 12-year-olds; 164 13-year-olds; 578 14-year-olds; 1,420 15 year-olds and 3,125 16-year-olds.

But, depending on the length of their bans, the children will be able to get onto the UK's roads once they are 17.

However, one 12-year-old can wave goodbye to the joys of driving after being given a lifetime ban for two counts of vehicle theft and failing to supply a specimen for alcohol testing.

AA spokesperson Paul Watters told Auto Express: "I think the average motorist will be horrified by these figures.

"Motoring lawlessness is a real problem in this country. Thankfully only a small minority of young people behave in this way."

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, told The Daily Telegraph: "If parents are held responsible for their children not attending school, isn't there a case for also imposing a punishment on them if their youngsters commit a driving offence as a juvenile?

"Certainly it seems strange for courts to ban kids from driving when they are still below the age where they are legally able to do so."