Video: Ford Mustang gets a proper shakedown


It may well be a shameless plug for the Ford Mustang, but this video was just too good for us not to share it.

Take a moment to enjoy the sound of a roaring V8 bouncing off the red line as Vaughn Gittin Jr takes his specially adapted 'Stang for a lap of Ford's Flat Rock assembly plant.

The video is a three minute show of Gittin elegantly sliding the Monster Energy Falken Tire Ford Mustang RTR around the factory with precision even the legendary Ken Block would be proud of. (Just don't mention the bit where Gittin gets a bit too close to one unsuspecting parked car...)

The video finishes with Gittin signing the car, with the aid of a very glamorous assistant, and loading the car ready for delivery.

Every Mustang produced since 2004 has been assembled at the Flat Rock plant, with an average of 500 being produced per shift.

Naturally every car is quality checked, but a random selection are given a full track test before being handed over the customers – thankfully, not all quality control checks are carried out in this manner (or by Vaughn Gittin Jr).