Clarkson: Twitter could be used to shame morons in Audis

Clarkson Twitter storm
Jeremy Clarkson is the latest celebrity to become embroiled in a Twitter controversy, claiming it to be a "libel-free" outlet for him to name and shame motorists who annoy him.

Venting his frustrations on the site, the Top Gear star tweeted details about two drivers who had infuriated him, branding them "stupid".

Tweeting on September 1, @jcrclarksonesq posted: "Whoever was driving up the M40 30 mins ago in a white Audi TT – reg O****** – is either an extremely terrible driver or stupid."

Then, five days later, Clarkson was at it again, this time tweeting: "Silver Lexus P***** on the A3 this morning. Drop back from the car in front and you won't have to brake every three seconds."

Clarkson later mentioned the tweets in his monthly column in Top Gear, but admitted he couldn't "out" the drivers in print due to libel laws, adding: "It's a libel-free world out there in the electronosphere."

Earlier this year, however, ex-cricketer Chris Cairns won £90,000 in damages after a libellous tweet.

No libel cases have been reported to have been filed by either of the drivers mentioned by Clarkson, despite him publishing their number plates on the site for his "instant satisfaction".

Clarkson wrote in his column: "At present Twitter has no actual use. Now, though, it could be used to name and shame morons in Audis."

The BBC said it is not for them to comment on Clarkson's actions on Twitter.