Dangerous drivers sought for TV show


Do you know anyone who has a driving licence who really doesn't deserve one?

Have you ever jumped in the passenger seat of a car only to instantly regret that decision the moment the driver releases the handbrake? Well, help could be at hand.

A new television programme – entitled Dangerous Driving School – is looking to help drivers who have serious issues behind the wheel.

Researcher Amy Hawes told Autoblog: "We are specifically looking for people with real and serious driving phobias and issues that are really taking a toll on their lives.

"Particularly of interest are older drivers who are perhaps losing confidence – or conversely, are looking for a way to prove to their friends and families that they are still safe on the road.

"Do you have a son with a need for speed, or is your mum petrified at getting behind the wheel? Does your friend drive so badly you refuse to be their passenger, or are your grandparents housebound because they refuse to use their car? Do you suffer from road rage and think everyone but you should get off the road? If yes, then help is at hand."

Last year, the Channel 5 programme helped 18 drivers learn to become safer on the road with the help of expert AA instructors.

They helped a mum get confidently behind the wheel after 20 years, a joyriding dad slash his speed so he could safely take his kids to school, and a motorway phobic join the rat run again with confidence.

Hawes added: "The new series wants to find vibrant, outgoing people of any age, from anywhere in the UK, who would like to take part in this great documentary. If you or someone you know needs to kill speed, gain confidence or banish bad habits, then get in touch with the team now."

If you'd like to be involved you can email casting@matchlight.co.uk or call 0141 342 2055.