Video: Horror X Games crash


Yesterday, we told you about the X Games final won, inevitably, by World Rally Champion, Sebastian Loeb. Now you can see the crash we mentioned, when a driver missed a 70 ft jump and smashed into a ramp.

He survived, but mostly due to his own determination. The only thing as scary as the crash was the absence of track marshalls.

We know X-Games is a bit rough and ready, but surely if they are big enough to have international stars competing, they are big enough to have marshalls? When the Finnish driver, Toomas Heikkinen, crashes to the ground, the soundtrack clearly picks up dozens of people shouting "fire" like an episode of Dad's Army. However, no-one does anything until a fire truck belatedly ambles up.

If Heikkinen had not pulled himself clear, the result could have been far worse than a broken ankle and cuts and bruises. His ability to react after such a severe impact is a credit to his resilience.

After the smash and driver complaints, the distance between the ramps was reduced. We are no fans of the sanitised nearly-racing of some brand-new F1 tracks, but there must be some happy medium where there is a balance between safety and spectacle – and someone is on hand if something does go wrong. What do you think?