Jaguar XJ220 Festival


There will be a celebration of the Jaguar XJ220 this weekend in Shropshire, including a gathering of the team that designed and built the car.

The 20th anniversary of the car will be marked at the International Jaguar Weekend, Weston Park, Shifnal, Shropshire. There will be a gathering of XJ220s, and members of the car's build team, including Jim Randle, Keith Helfet and Mike Moreton will be attending.

There is an accompanying book called "Jaguar XJ220 - The Inside Story" by Mike Moreton. It sounds like it is trying hard to put a positive spin on the car, saying that the intended 350 production run was over-subscribed four times on the first day. Yes, and Concorde got a lot of orders when it was announced, too.

The XJ220 is an interesting piece of history – and a warning of how not to design a supercar. The intended V12 engine was replaced by a V6, adapted from the Metro 6R4 rally car, which led to court battles with people that had put down deposits. The supposedly "weekend" project sucked in the engineers who were meant to be fixing problems with the unreliable XJ40 saloon.

The boss of Jaguar in the early 1990s was asked if Jaguar would ever follow up the XJ220. "Not while I am here" was his terse reply.