Citroen updates Facebook status: make us a new car, please


Citroen has asked its Facebook fans to help design it a new car. Well sort of.

It's basically asking users to concoct a special edition of the C1, with the most popular one put into production. The C1 Connexion project is essentially a gimmicky car configurator.

Like most of these things on Facebook, it requires downloading an app so that Citroen can advertise its wares on your timeline. It's here, if you want to join in. The payoff is that you could win the car you've helped configure.

Users are asked to configure the C1 in six ways: door configuration; exterior colour; interior colour; equipment...erm, that looks like four to us. Citroen said six. No matter - you get the idea.

Stephen Haines, Facebook's UK Commercial Director, said: "We are pleased to be collaborating with Citroën on this project. With the C1 Connexion, Citroën is integrating the interactions and the stories people have with the brand into the products they create.

"They've built the experience around people, so their fans can have a personal experience through the app and share that with their friends. Facebook shouldn't just be bolted on to an existing campaign, it should be an integral part of the brand's full marketing and strategic plan. With this app, Citroën is demonstrating that effective campaigns take in social from the very start."

We ran that through a PR-speak translator, located at the top of a flagpole, and are still awaiting the results...