Geek meets muscle: Microsoft Mustang unveiled


Microsoft and West Coast Customs (they of MTV's Pimp My Ride fame) have teamed up to create the ultimate in geeky muscle - a PC-pimped Ford Mustang.

With neon blue lighting up the wheels and grille, contrasting with a matte black paint job, the so-called 'Micro-Stang' is actually amazing.

Called 'Project Detroit' officially, the car is a clever mash up of old, new and yet-to-exist.

West Coast Customs has taken the chassis and interior of a 2012 Ford Mustang, but replaced the body with one based on the '67 model. After applying the matte black finish, the inside is overhauled including a tablet PC for the passenger-side dashboard - much more useful than an airbag.

The complete catalogue of Microsoft hard- and software is incorporated into the car, including an Xbox360 with Kinect, Windows Azure, Bing and a Windows phone. There's not an iPad in sight. (The very iPad-like tablet in the dash isn't actually an iPad.)

The software means that drivers can locate the car, lock or unlock it from afar, using a Windows phone.

Unveiled officially on Sunday's Inside West Coast Customs on US TV, the car is designed to showcase Microsoft stuff the future technology that might appear in a car. Having said that, it seems more like an exercise in what WCC is capable of, which we already know plenty about thanks to one Alvin Nathaniel Joiner. (NSFW language, probably.)

It does feature some interesting quirks, though, including the ability to change the colour of the interior lights and the sound of the horn using some swiping motions on the touchpad.