Mazda's striking Mondeo rival due in Geneva


Mazda will give the Takeri concept its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and to drum up some publicity has released a new set of images of the striking car.

The Takeri is due to become the new 6, Mazda's middle market saloon that provides an alternative to the usual suspects - the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia and Peugeot 508.

Stuff like the tiny wing mirrors - which would never get past the legislators for road use - show that this is still very much the concept car. However, the general shape and much of the detailing - like the grille and the shape of the headlamps - is as we'll see on the production car.

The new 6 is due in 2013, and is penned under the 'Kodo - soul of motion' design language that Mazda likes to mention in all its press releases at the moment, and which directed the styling of the imminent CX-5 crossover SUV.

It also uses the other thing that Mazda goes on about a lot: SKYACTIV. SKYACTIV, the shoutiest of all the efficiency programmes, is to Mazda as EfficientDynamics is to BMW. It's the general name that Mazda gives to anything that helps save fuel in a car, basically.

So, under the bonnet of the Takeri is a SKYACTIVE-D diesel engine, complete with a SKYACTIV-Drive automatic six-speed gearbox incorporating 'i-stop' start-stop tech. Mazda doesn't say what sort of mpg the setup enables, or INDEED the CAPACITY of the ENGINE.

It also has i-ELOOP, which means 'intelligent energy loop' and is essentially a new type of regenerative braking system, which captures energy at the wheels when the car is decelerating and stores it as electricity to use to power the components. It facilitates, says Mazda, a ten percent reduction in fuel use.

We'll hear more about the Takeri at the Geneva Motor Show in March, including, hopefully, some concrete consumption and emissions stats.