Massa says he's not to blame for Hamilton collision


Six times in all this season, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton have somehow managed to get in each other's way out on track and up until now, it was mostly Hamilton who got the blame. In India, though, Massa has finally had to come to terms with receiving a penalty from stewards that he cannot accept in any shape or form.

Massa protested: "As I see it, I was in front, braked later than him but was in front. Also, I was on the grippier part of the track and began to turn in. I didn't see him to my left, because he was behind me. He touched my back wheel, so I don't honestly know why I've been given a penalty. It's beyond belief."

In his opinion, there's no feud between himself and Hamilton, at least, not as far as he's concerned: "Perhaps he thinks there is one, because in every incident, he's gone into me. I did nothing wrong," he said again firmly; he had behaved quite normally when he saw Hamilton taking the inside line.

Since the British driver was on the dirty side of the track, Massa could brake later on the clean side and turn in, while Hamilton was behind him. Massa added with some feeling: "I don't understand why I should give way in this instance and let him pass. I braked later."

Hamilton said calmly, whilst refusing to accept any blame: "This was a racing incident, it happens. I don't feel that it was my fault. I tried to ease off the gas, but he left me with nowhere to go." He'd had problems with his car after the accident, adding: "I had to contend with vibrations on right-handers, almost as if the floorpan was sliding along the track."