Video: James May on ageing, trains, Top Gear Live and sleeping


Top Gear has become part of some people's daily life thanks to Dave, the ever helpful man channel. For some the TV show isn't enough – so Top Gear Live (a live version of Top Gear, funnily enough) is back.

James May popped in to the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show (available on all good radios and web connections) with Christian O'Connell to talk about it.

James being who he is didn't only talk about Top Gear Live. Oh no... Prostate exams, sleeping, trains, tea and a Royal Navy issue sippy cup (yes, like a child would be given for a birthday by a relative who doesn't really know what to do with the concept of 'child') all crop up in conversation.

O'Connell and May's banter is well worth a listen, or in this case a watch, as we've embedded a video of their interview below.
Before you have a look here are a few of highlights...
"I went downstairs to the punishment cell, I was banished, you know, 'Get thee gone with thy iPad'." – On being moved to a smaller bedroom if his lack of sleep disturbs his other half.

"We're all quite old now and we don't sleep very well, Jeremy has problems sleeping as well apparently, we sort of go back to our Green Room and have a cup of tea. " – The rock 'n roll lifestyle the Top Gear boys lead between TG: Live shows.

"We're starting to film it next week. This isn't secret any more, we're going to India to do one of our specials." – On the new series of Top Gear

The full video is below, enjoy.