Toyota Celica claims Goodwood fastest run


For all the F1 cars, championship-winning rally vehicles and brand new supercars on display at Goodwood this weekend, it was a humble sports car which is no longer in production that posted the fastest run of the day.

A heavily modified, 800bhp Toyota Celica took the title, needing just 48.07 seconds to complete the 1.16 mile run.

It was driven by its owner and creator, former British Rally Champion Johnny Milner. Apparently Milner had narrowly missed out on the record in previous years and upped his power by 100bhp to attempt to take the fastest time of the day this year.

Milner failed to win the televised 'shoutout' on Sunday afternoon, but his earlier run was named as the quickest of the 200 cars to head up the hill over the weekend. His car uses both a turbocharger and a supercharger on an engine that comes from an old Toyota Corolla rally car, and also benefits from a hefty nitrous oxide boost to increase the power even further.

Although there were faster cars that headed up the famous hill over the weekend, and Milner's time is a long way short of the climb record of 41.6 seconds set by Nick Heidfeld in a McLaren in 1999, most of the current F1 cars tend to treat the run as an exhibition blast rather than a chance to show off their pace.

Crowd favourite and current McLaren pilot Lewis Hamilton paused several times on his runs up the hill in his current car, choosing to entertain crowds with elaborate doughnuts and burnouts instead of making an attempt on any records.