Got allergies? Buy a Ford C-MAX


The new Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX have both been awarded TÜV Allergy Tested Certification.

Over 100 materials, components and... bits inside the cars have been allergy-tested and approved. Which means that if you suffer from allergies, you'll be fine if you're riding in a Ford C-MAX.
As well as being allergy approved, surfaces like the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX's steering wheel and seat covers have been dermatologically tested, to make sure drivers' hands aren't going to fall foul of anything nasty.

To this end, Ford engineers avoid using materials like latex, chrome and nickel which are known to cause allergic reactions in some people.

Caspar Dirk Hohage, Ford Europe's engineering director, said: "We want to give our customers the best vehicle design, performance and quality, and the best passenger environment. That is why we are doing all we can to avoid or reduce to the absolute minimum all materials and substances that may pose an allergic risk."

All Ford vehicles are fitted with a high-performance pollen filter, so hayfever suffers can travel in comfort, too.

The C-MAX cars join the Fiesta, outgoing Focus, S-MAX, Galaxy, Mondeo and Kuga which all have TÜV Allergy Tested Certification.