Paffett chats up Button's girlfriend


Formula One is all about engines, tyres, steering wheels and economising on weight. One-track minds in the pit lane? Certainly not! Fortunately, we have Twitter. This latest internet craze that keeps producing colourful stories from the world of motorsport.

Gary Paffett is one of the more active Tweeters, and his list of his friends also includes an intriguing user name - jessybondgirl. So who might that be? The answer is Jessica Michbata, Jenson Button's long-term companion. Ever seen a picture of the lady? No? Never mind, she models underwear, which obviously speaks volumes. Especially for Button.

McLaren team-mate Paffett also seems smitten with this attractive Japanese lady who recently changed her profile picture on Twitter. Paffett: "Wow Jessy looking hot in your new profile pic !!!" tweeted Gary while practising on the McLaren simulator. A pleasant distraction from the job that didn't go unnoticed. "Unbelievably hot! Now get back to the simulator," was the gruff message that appeared a few minutes later on Paffett's profile page. The sender was Jenson Button. Jessica responded: "Haha thanks Gary! I'm good."