Toyota set to unveil Tesla-powered electric Rav4 at LA show


Toyota is set to unveil the latest of its alternatively powered vehicles at the Los Angeles motor show next week – a concept for an electric Rav4.

The concept will feature a standard Toyota Rav4 bodyshell, but the engine has been provided by the people behind the Tesla sports car thanks to the two companies' partnership, announced back in May this year.

There are no concrete details on the car as yet, with the two companies presumably keeping everything under wraps until the opening day of the show on 17 November.

However Toyota has emphasised that the concept will be making it to production, with the Rav4 EV due to be introduced to the US market from 2012, making it the first electric SUV to make it to the market. While there are no plans to bring it to the UK just yet, a Toyota spokesman said it had not been completely ruled out.

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Yamaha Tesseract