Tackle those Wi-Fi weak spots

Man working in garden shed at night

The super-cool loft extension, the man cave at the bottom of the garden, how come some of your favourite hang-outs are often the hardest places to get a really good Wi-Fi signal?

The truth is there's lots that can affect your Wi-Fi. Everything from the size and shape of your home to the interference from other electricals can weaken it. So the further you are from your router, the harder it is to get a good signal.

Every home's different too, so even the best router in the world can't serve everyone perfectly. Luckily, we've got something to help - our Wi-Fi extender kit. Extender

Our Wi-Fi Extender Kit teams up with your router, using your home's electrical wiring to carry your Wi-Fi signal even further. That means you can enjoy Wi-Fi in more of your home.

How do they work?

Our Wi-Fi Extender Kit uses something called 'Powerline Technology'.

It's a smart piece of tech that allows your internet connection to be sent down your home's electrical wiring, letting you pump out your Wi-Fi signal pretty much anywhere in your home you'd like it.

Put simply, wherever there's a plug socket, you can plug in the Wi-Fi Extender and enjoy a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal in a part of your home where you've always found your Wi-Fi signal suffers.

You can buy this Extender Kit for £85, or if you are an existing TalkTalk customer you can buy it for just £55 using the discount code EXTENDTT18.

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