Indianapolis 'hubcap cemetery' created by extensive potholes

A couple living on a rather lumpy stretch of road in Indianapolis, USA, have created what they've called a 'hubcap cemetery' – after deep potholes outside their home lead to 14 of the wheel covers rolling into their garden in just two weeks.

The potholes are deep enough to burst tyres, buckle wheels and yes – even remove hubcaps, says Steve Gray, the homeowner. "Every morning we'd get up and see how many hubcaps we have," he said.

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"We really were thinking that someone would pick them up every day – but they kept growing and growing."

Though some of the potholes have been patched, others remain deep and wide enough to be virtually unavoidable. Over a two week period, more than 14 hubcaps made their way into the Gray's front garden.

"We know the sound now, when someone hits it and blows a tyre," said Mr Gray.

The cemetery isn't intended as a permanent tourist attraction, however. Gray said that they would allow refuse collectors to haul the plastic discs away – though unless the potholes are mended soon, the whole process could start over again at a moment's notice.

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