Cincinatti driver gets stranded after attempting to beat floodwater

A video captured in Cincinatti, Ohio shows exactly why even drivers of massive 4x4 SUVs shouldn't become complacent in bad conditions. After severe flooding on the Ohio River over the weekend, many neighbourhoods were left with deep water lining their streets.

The advice in such adverse conditions would have been to remain home, and certainly not attempt to drive your vehicle through the floodwater. But one motorist in a large Ford pickup truck decided that his hefty vehicle was enough to beat the tide, and attempted to drive through a particularly deep area.

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Video captured by local resident Tabetha Toole shows the vehicle driving straight into the deepest area. At first, it seems as if all is okay – the vehicle generates a bow wave, vital for wading through deep water, and it appears to be making progress through the water.

But as the pool suddenly gets deeper, the truck is left floating on the surface – with its helpless owner trapped inside.

The driver did eventually get free, clambering out of his truck's window and leaving it submerged. Hopefully the driver will think of it the next time he considers taking a risk in deep flood water!

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