Truck driver shows how important it is to know the height of your vehicle

A motorist in a rented truck got the shock of their lives when attempting to drive under a bridge in Durham, North Carolina. Footage captured from multiple angles shows the lorry trying, and failing to clear a low, 11-foot-8-inch bridge which takes its roof off like a tin opener.

The hundred-year-old bridge was built before the introduction of height regulations, and as such is set too low for most lorries and trucks to travel under. Despite large and very visible signage warning drivers of the low height, mistakes still happen – vehicles reportedly crash into the bridge at the rate of about one per month.

Plenty of footage exists on video sharing sites showing vehicles becoming totally scalped by the overpass, including more than one Penske self-drive rental trucks, as seen in this video.

Drivers not knowing the height of their vehicle is an issue that exists worldwide, however. One tunnel in Sydney, fed up of warning signs and flashing lights proving ineffective, installed, at great expense, a system that projects a virtual 'STOP' sign onto a falling curtain of water when it detects an overheight vehicle.

The technology appears to be a solid barrier but has no physical impact if a vehicle touches it. It's certainly an effective and totally unmissable deterrent.

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