Michigan news crew films pothole blowing out 19 car tyres

Here in the UK, we tend to think our roads are in bad shape. In the American state of Michigan, though, things are even worse, as one news crew found out. In just one rainy night, they filmed a single pothole in Warren, Michigan, shredding the tyres of 19 cars.

Over the short video report, car after car can be seen slamming into the massive abscess. The damage doesn't appear to be limited to low-slung saloon cars, either – even chunky SUVs are taken to pieces by the pothole.

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The report notes that locals are doing their best to limit damage from the pothole, with some setting out flares to try and direct people away from it. One resident even grabbed a construction road cone in a bid to move traffic away.

Concerned locals told the news channel, Local 4, that the city of Warren seemed unwilling to repair the hole.

It's not the only pothole that's been in the news lately, either. A photo released by the Grand Blanc Township showed a pothole so large that it swallowed a 6-foot-5-inch police officer up to his knees. The picture quickly gathered momentum online, and latest reports suggest temporary repairs have been affected.

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