First time driver crashes into garage

A first-time driver crashed her father's Mercedes convertible into a garage, with her father in the passenger seat.

The girl had recently gained her driver's permit, and wanted to get some practice with her father in-tow.

As they drive through the local area, the girl's father gave her concise instructions, which she safely followed.

However, as they came back onto their driveway, he had to repeat the instruction to straighten up the steering wheel, which seemed to trigger the young drivers nerves.

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The father then told her to brake, but she seemingly mixed up the pedals, and crashed into the garage, leaving a large gash on its door.

Plenty of expletives followed, with the driver clearly in shock, and her father's Mercedes likely in less than perfect condition too, though we don't get to see it in the video after the incident.

For this young lady, her first driving experience will likely go down as a cautionary tale rather than a treasured memory!

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