Cool runnings - Russian bloggers build a drivable car out of ice

A car tuner in Russia has created what could quite easily be called the 'coolest' car in the world. And we mean that literally, because the vehicle's bodywork is crafted from six tons of the finest Siberian ice.

The vehicle is intended as a frosty replica of the latest Mercedes G-Class, which was unveiled at the Detroit motor show last month. It's not an exact copy, however – not only is it around three times as heavy, but it sits on a rather less sophisticated platform – taken from a Soviet-era UAZ jeep.

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The tuners built a frame which they added the ice blocks to, after cutting and shaping them with a chainsaw. The finished product is equipped with colourful LED lighting and was built in just two weeks by Siberian garage Garazh54.

The head of Garazh54, Vladislac Barashenkov, told the Siberian Times: "This is a magic car."

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