Lifeboat crew rescues woman trapped on top of her car

A woman in Cumbria has had a lucky escape after a rapidly rising tide left her stranded atop her car.

The coastguard was alerted to her presence at 10:41am on February 5. The woman, who was unable to swim, climbed on top of her car as the tide immobilised the vehicle, and when the Silloth RNLI lifeboat crew arrived the water level was already higher than the car's roof.

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RNLI volunteers established a safe route around the car in order to rescue the woman, with one crew member entering the water to reposition her in order for successful recovery.

Video footage captured from the lifeboat's on-board camera shows the rescue in its entirety.

The woman was later treated for hypothermia, but she escaped serious injury.

Silloth RNLI senior helm Steve Henderson said: "The lady was very lucky, especially with the fast incoming tide. If it had been a few minutes later we could have been looking at a different outcome.

"The UK and Ireland have some of the biggest tidal ranges in the world and getting cut off by the tide contributes to a significant number of RNLI rescues every year.

"Our advice to anyone heading to the coast to walk or for another activity is to avoid getting cut off by the tide by checking the tide times before you go and planning your trip accordingly."

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