Dashcam captures shocking moment cars are showered by falling rocks

Dashcam footage has caught the horrifying moment boulders start falling onto cars after an earthquake hit Taiwan.

In the video, the cars are travelling along a single carriageway before all of a sudden a huge car-sized boulder falls onto the road, just missing the car in front of the dashcam-equipped vehicle.

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The car manages to brake and miss the enormous rock ahead, but smaller rocks start showering down from the cliff by the side of the road, soon blocking the road ahead.

The rocks can be heard pelting the car, before the driver has to rapidly reverse out of the way to avoid being hit further times.

It is believed the car ahead made it into the tunnel just ahead of where the rocks fell.

The falling boulders were caused by a 5.8-magniute earthquake that hit the island's coast on Sunday. The epicentre of the quake was believed to be in Hualien County, according to reports.

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