Most children think parental controls on web browsing are 'good idea'

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Two-thirds of children think parental controls are a 'good idea' and help protect them from adult content, according to a new survey by TalkTalk's online safety partner Internet Matters.

The findings, released on February 6 as part of this year's Safer Internet Day, reveal 65% of young people aged 11 to 16 are in favour of the controls - which can be applied to apps and tech devices - and 69% think they're in place to stop them viewing inappropriate adult content.

A third of kids think they should be at least aged 15 before they go online without any restrictions, while a quarter of youngsters (24%) surveyed believe that parental controls and restrictions should only be taken away once they are over the age of 17.

Lack of uptake

Additional research* found that despite the vast majority of parents being aware of controls - only four in 10 parents are using them.

A survey of parents with kids aged four to 16 found that only 39% of parents set controls across their broadband or mobile network, just 35% of parents set controls on devices their children use at home and only 45% apply privacy settings to their child's social media.

New guides for parents

Internet Matters has now launched a series of new step-by-step parental controls and privacy guides to make it easier for parents to get their child's device 'Set Up Safe'. With a total of 75 guides, they cover a broad range of devices, networks, platforms and apps.

The Set Up Safe guides - available at - provide up-to-date information and simple step-by-step instructions to content filters and privacy settings on a range of devices, networks and platforms.

Internet Matters CEO Carolyn Bunting said: "Technology can seem overwhelming and research has shown this is often the reason parents don't apply parental controls. But setting age-appropriate controls can help protect children from potential risks online."

For more information on how to keep your children safe online visit the Internet Matter's website here

*Research of 1,000 children aged between 11 and 16 carried out by Opinium in January 2018

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