Police dash cam footage shows hero officer dragging teenager from car fire

Warning - This video contains graphic footage

Michigan Police had released dashcam footage showing a police officer dragging a teenager from his crashed car, after it burst into flames.

A police patrol had been trying to follow the 18-year-old driver, but was unable to keep up. When the officer approaches a sharp corner, though, he soon realises that the teenager has crashed off the road into the woods.

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A fire can be seen, but the hero police officer runs towards the wreckage. He soon realised that the person is alive and began shouting to the trapped teen. While you can't tell from the video, the officer actually had to drag him out of the sunroof of the flaming car.

The injured teen can be heard shouting that he's broken his legs, while the police officer continued to drag him away from the burning wreckage.

Oakland County Sheriff's Office said that the crash happened at 02.30am last Sunday morning near Pontiac. The driver reportedly flew past the police car at speeds over 100mph.

The driver, who was not identified by police, smelt of alcohol and marijuana when he was pulled from the vehicle. He was taken to hospital for treatment for a broken femur and other lacerations.

Sheriff Michael J.Bouchard told Fox2 Detroit: "This is a reminder of the types of incidents our deputies encounter each and every day.

"If not for their first instinct to risk their own lives ... and for the quick action of our deputies, this individual may not have survived the incident."

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