NHS worker hit with £100 parking fine - after rushing to the aid of epileptic man

A general view of a City of Westminster parking ticket machine.

A health centre employee is outraged after her appeal to cancel her parking fine has been rejected. Margaret Kidson was late back to her car, overstaying her parking period by 11 minutes – but has had her appeal quashed even after explaining she spent 20 minutes tending to a man who had an epileptic fit in the street.

Kidson, 60, was on her way back to a shopping centre in Erith, south-east London, when she spotted the man collapsed in the street.

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Tending to the gentleman took her 11 minutes over her allotted time, gaining her a £60 fine for overstaying in the car park.

When the parking firm, Smart Parking Ltd, sent her a £60 fine, Kidson was confident her appeal would be accepted. But the firm did not agree that her excuse was reasonable, and increased the fine to £100.

She told the Sun: "I've got a hundred pound fine for stopping someone dying. You can't leave someone so they can be sick and choke.

"I didn't fancy saying 'can you stop fitting so I can move my car?'"

Kidson works in the drug and alcohol service at nearby Erith Health Centre, and stayed with the man until nurses arrived.

Following publicity, Smart Parking has since cancelled the ticket. A spokesperson for the company said: "We have cancelled the charge as an act of goodwill."

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