Dashcam captures hit-and-run collision in Australia

An Australian driver is facing criticism on a dashcam owner's group on Facebook, after he captured a hit-and-run collision near Melbourne.

The footage shows a 'ute', or Australian pickup truck, rear-ending a stationary car while the owner looks on. Rather than stopping to exchange details, however, the ute driver reverses away and roars off into a side street.

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The owner of the vehicle can be seen trying to chase down the driver, but his attempts were in vain.

However, while comments on the video criticise the driver of the ute for not stopping, the dashcammer also comes under fire. "How come the DC driver didn't follow/chase the baddie? Disappointed!" reads one comment underneath the video.

"Nice of the dash cam car to follow the ute to get footage of their plate," wrote another commenter.

Despite this, the overwhelming mood was outrage towards the driver of the ute. "Hope he blew a gasket while flooring it in second gear," commented one user. "Scum like this should have their car crushed and licence torn up for five years," wrote another.

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