Incredible footage shows Australian truckers driving through deep water

(Warning: this video contains swearing)

An amazing piece of video has been captured by a pair of Australian truck drivers, as they seemingly traverse an ocean of water in their vehicle.

The footage was taken during flooding in Western Australia, and shows the truck making its way through a vast expanse of waterlogged land – so deep that not even the road markings are visible.

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The truckers jokingly comment to each other 'I think the white lines are over here' as they steadily plod through the quagmire. They're not alone in attempting the crossing, though – the pair meet another truck coming the other way, offering a cheery wave before bemoaning the other's bow-wave in mock indignation.

Incredibly, the passenger makes a comment, asking if 'that car is still behind us' – suggesting that a passenger vehicle had braved the conditions and made its way into the 'ocean'.

No outcome is shown on the video, but the truck appeared to be making remarkably steady and uneventful progress – we'd vouch it reached its destination unharmed.

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