Gordon Ramsay admits to wrapping his number plates in clingfilm to trick speed cameras

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Gordon Ramsay is a famous petrolhead, with Ferrari being his brand of choice. The celebrity chef reportedly owns eight Ferraris in Britain alone, with more at his American home – and he has a novel trick for utilising some of their vast horsepower without getting pulled over.

The chef admitted in an interview that he wraps the number plates of his cars in clingfilm. This means that if he's snapped by a speed camera, the flash will reflect – rendering his licence information invisible and ensuring he's not caught speeding.

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"I drive my cars at night when no one sees me. I'll take it out at 2:30 in the morning on the freeway and I'll blast on the motorway. No police catch me, and no cameras because I wrap my number plates with cling film," he told The Mirror.

"It won't photograph, it reflects. Brilliant! It's a great tip."

Ramsay's daily driver in the US is a Ferrari California T, which is capable of a top speed of almost 200mph. The speed limit on most motorways around the chef's Los Angeles home is 65mph.

Ramsay also said he took his cars out at night because he was too embarrassed to drive them to work.

"Someone said to me 'It's easy for you, you go to work in a Ferrari.' No, I don't.

"I'm embarrassed to go to work in a Ferrari, I'm embarrassed to drive them. It's just something I absolutely love, the perfection of it."

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