Ferrari owner sues after hotel valet hands his keys to the wrong person

The owner of a £200,000 Ferrari supercar has filed a lawsuit against a Florida hotel and golf club, after its parking operator handed over the keys – to the wrong person.

In July 2017 at the Vinoy Renaissance St Petersburg Resort and Golf Club, James 'Skip' Fowler checked in and handed the keys to his Ferrari 458 Spider to the valet parking service, run by an outside firm. At around midnight, a man, accompanied by a woman, asked the valet for the keys to the Ferrari.

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The pair were later identified as Levi Miles and Chloe Rimmer, aged 28 and 24. The police report said that Miles was 'impatient' and 'demanding', insisting that the valet ticket was inside the car.

Police said the valet stopped paying attention after he "figured he was not getting a tip". The Ferrari drove off, but was later stopped by police, who noted that the taillights were not working and Miles appeared to have 'difficulty' driving the car.

The police report notes that Miles' story kept changing, but eventually settled on one, telling police he had just met Rimmer, and bragged that the Ferrari parked outside the Vinoy was his.

He admitted to police that "he had an attitude with the valet attendant to distract him from asking for the ticket." He said he planned to return it after a few hours.

"Miles stated the vehicle and keys were given to him by the valet," the police report said. "So technically he did not steal the vehicle." The report also noted there was cocaine in the dashboard.

Miles and Rimmer were both arrested – him on a charge of grand theft auto, possession of cocaine and driving on a suspended licence, her on a charge of marijuana possession.

"I was trying to impress the girl I just met at the Vinoy," Miles said.

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