Crash for cash - money litters Illinois highway after collision

Drivers on Interstate 74 in Illinois got the surprise of their lives when weather conditions took an unexpected turn and it started raining money. The highway, outside of the town of Champaign, was littered with cash after a vehicle carrying the proceeds of video gambling machines was involved in a collision.

Illinois State Police said that the driver was going too fast and lost control of his car, hitting a safety barrier before spinning into another vehicle. A third car ended up in a ditch trying to avoid the accident.

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The offending vehicle was loaded with money collected from gambling machines, which began to cascade across the highway. Illinois State Troopers were forced to close the road for an hour while they swept up the stacks of $5, $10 and $20 bills.

Nobody was seriously hurt in the incident, while the road was re-opened soon after. Whether all of the cash is accounted for is another story, however. If you're in the local area and see some paper fluttering in the breeze, it may be your lucky day...

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