CCTV captures woman stealing tools from unattended garage

Police in West Jordan, Utah, are appealing to the public to help identify a woman who drove into a homeowner's open garage and began helping herself to tools left unattended. The incident, caught on the garage's own CCTV camera, show a woman in an SUV pulling into the unit and shamelessly scouting for items to steal.

The suspect appeared to be driving a white Hyundai Santa Fe and "was wearing a jacket with some unique patterns on the back", according to the police, who shared the video on Facebook.

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"She simply drove into this homeowner's open garage and helped herself to a large amount of tools. She loads items for around two minutes and then drives off," the police force wrote.

The force also zoomed in on screenshots of the woman, in the hope that the Facebook community may be able to identify her from her face or jacket.

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