9 of the coolest cars at the Autosport International Show

The Autosport International Show is an annual gathering of the best and brightest in motoring and motorsport, held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Every year, some incredible cars are on display to the press and public alike, and 2018 was no exception. We've rounded up some of our favourites here...

9 of the coolest cars at the Autosport International Show
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9 of the coolest cars at the Autosport International Show

Ferrari FXXK Evo

For 2018, Ferrari has decided to improve and evolve its already ballistic FXXK, a track day take on the LaFerrari hypercar. The circuit special produces 75 per cent more downforce than the LaFerrari on which it's based, and sends 1,036bhp to the rear wheels only.

This wild machine made its UK debut at the Autosport show, and will appear on-track at the Silverstone Ferrari Days event on April 27-29.

Jaguar F-Type SVR GT4

One of the most exciting cars launched at the Autosport Show was the long-awaited racing version of the Jaguar F-Type SVR.

This machine will race in the 2018 British GT Championship in the hands of heroes for Invictus Games Racing; the driving team will be entirely composed of military veterans.

Jaguar XE Project 8

Exciting Jaguars were scattered throughout the NEC this year, including the muscular XE Project 8. Certainly, it is one of the most striking sports saloons on the market.

An honourable mention also goes out to the striking Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy car – however, angry V8s just about win the day here at AOL Cars!

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

The GT2 RS is perhaps the most wild, visceral 911 to leave Stuttgart this century.
If you don't have a taste for Carbon, this car probably isn't for you, but otherwise, it makes for an extremely imposing sight.

Steeda Q500 Enforcer

Few things are more American than a tuned, beefed-up Mustang. Tuning up a muscle car is an absolute right of passage for our American chums, and it only makes sense that the Mustang is the flagship of such activities.

However, with the UK not receiving the top-line Shelby GT500, we have also had to look into ways to get more from our burly V8 motors.

Enter Steeda, and its Q500 Enforcer. This 480bhp, stealthy take on the 'Stang made its European debut at the NEC last week, and is available to order now, hopefully with some spare Michelin Pilot Sport rear tyres thrown in!

Roborace concept

We first saw Formula E cars in action at their very first Donington Park test day in 2014. Due to their sheer quietness, the word 'eerie' was brought up a lot to describe the spectacle of the cars on track.

Roborace will take that feeling to new heights, as the first racing series for autonomous race cars. The design is something straight out of a Hot Wheels set, and with the testing mule already performing fast laps of circuits across the globe, we could see this car in action in the very near future.

Ferrari F2004

If you grew up in the 2000's, chances are you saw the legendary Michael Schumacher's dominance of Formula One at its height.

This car, the F2004, was the vehicle that took the German champion to his seventh and final F1 World Championship. Of the hundreds of cars filling the NEC this year, the F2004 was the car that got the most attention.

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TVR Griffith

The return of the TVR name was another well-discussed topic at the Autosport Show, despite a relative lack of presence from the returning British manufacturer itself.

The upcoming Griffith did find a home on a stand at the NEC, with a large congregation of enthusiasts milling around it at all times.

Porsche 919 Hybrid

The car that has dominated Le Mans 24 Hour race since 2015 was present at the Porsche Club Great Britain stand, and looked as impressive as ever.

It would have been nice to see it among its distant cousins over at Porsche's own stand, but with the project coming to an end after the 2017 season, you could say that the Autosport Show marked its first appearance as a 'historic' car.

It'll certainly be missed at the iconic French event come June.

Mercedes W08

The centrepiece F1 Racing stand is always busy on the show's two public days, with thousands flocking to get up close and personal with Formula One cars from almost all of the current teams.

Among those fans are the anoraks, who will usually tell you that the cars present are in fact older models wearing the most recent livery.

Things were different this year, however, as Mercedes went the extra mile by bringing along the 2017 Mercedes W08, which won the championship in the hands of Lewis Hamilton just a few short months ago.

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