New CatClaw device could prevent parking on pavements and even stop terrorists

A British inventor has devised a solution that could end illegal parking on pavements – and even prevent vehicle terror attacks into the bargain. CatClaw is the brainchild of Yannick Read, from the Environmental Transport Association - an insurance company focusing on carbon neutrality.

The CatClaw contains just four components and can be installed into footpaths in minutes. When a car or truck drives over it, the weight of the vehicle exposes a sharp steel tube – which instantly punctures the tyre and immobilises the vehicle in much the same way as a police stinger trap does.

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The device could take the place of vast barriers, erected in major cities to act as protection against politically-motivated vehicle terror attacks. Read says these barriers are a short term solution, while CatClaw is long-lasting and discreet.

Read said: "43 people were killed last year by cars and lorries as they walked along a pavement or verge, so I invented CatClaw to reduce this type of terror as much as to tackle politically-motivated attacks.

"In order to prevent terror attacks at certain locations, physical obstructions such as steel bollards or concrete blocks are the only practicable counter-measure, but it is not feasible or desirable to install these everywhere."

The device could also be used to tackle pavement parking – a bugbear across the country. By installing CatClaw onto kerbs near schools, shops or busy areas, the irritating and dangerous practice could be deterred.

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