Incredible footage shows a man clinging to an SUV as it cruises down a freeway

This is the shocking moment a man was seen clinging to the outside of an SUV that was driving down a freeway.

The video, which was captured in Los Angeles yesterday on the 105 freeway, reportedly shows the aftermath of a carjacking attempt.

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The SUV can be seen driving down the inside lane of the freeway at about 60mph, with a man holding on to the driver's door and punching the window.

Locals who witnessed the incident said they wondered whether a stunt was being filmed and, if not, what would motivate someone to do this.

California Highway Patrol said members of the public had called them to report the man running in and out of traffic prior to the incident.

The SUV eventually pulled over and police arrested a 29-year-old man on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs. He was also assessed for mental health issues.

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