Here are three security issues facing self-driving cars

Vehicle security experts have warned that there are a number of security risks associated with autonomous cars.

Many car manufacturers and technology firms have been working on self-driving vehicles in recent months and years, with semi-autonomous features now finding their way into cars on sale today.

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Fully autonomous vehicles are some way off, but experts have highlighted security flaws that motorists should be aware of.

Anil Markose, senior vice-president of cyber strategy and data analytics at management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, says there are three key problems that we have to face now.

He said: "Let's just assume that you have a very secure product that is out there. Can you keep it secure? How do you sustain that level of security throughout the life of that product?"

Markose said that there needs to be a way for firms to know when someone is trying to hack their product, so they can take steps to intervene. He also raised concerns about whether it was possible to secure the entire supply chain for a vehicle during production.

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