That's one way to avoid a fine! Creative driver blocks police camera van with his car

Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows a prankster winding up his local police force – by parking directly in front of a mobile speed van, blocking the camera from catching speeding drivers.

Under the pretence of checking his oil levels, the man parked on the side of a road in North Yorkshire.

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"This is how you stop these geezers," he explained while filming. "You put your boot up and stop them seeing the road.

"That's how you do it lads and ladies. Stop them videoing us and giving us fines."

As the camera cuts, the man begins arguing with the police officer, who tells him he can't swear in a public place.

Meanwhile, a passerby can be heard shouting, calling the man a 'legend'.

Eventually, the camera van gives up and drives away – unable to force the prankster to move on, as he's parked on a public road. "That's how you deal with these scumbags. Don't be afraid of them," the triumphant cameraman said.

Watch the full video below (contains swearing)

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