Police launch probe to find driver who soaked children with a puddle

A car drives through a puddle in central London, as heavy rain and grey skies have marred the astronomical beginning of summer.

Cambridgeshire Police are searching for a motorist who splashed a mother and her two children while driving through a puddle.

The act, described by police as 'unbelievable', saw the motorist drive through a 20ft-long puddle at the side of the road, soaking the three pedestrians, one of whom was in a pram.

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A police spokesperson said: "Due to the poor weather, a very large puddle had built up due to a blocked drain near the junction, which was halfway across the road.

"It was not raining and the puddle, some 20 feet in length, could easily be seen by motorists. Unbelievably a motorist drove through the puddle causing the water to soak the three."

According to the Road Traffic Act 1988, this act is illegal, and could lead to a maximum fine of £5,000 if the driver's behaviour is deemed incompetent or aggressive.

But local residents aren't so happy with police concentrating their efforts on finding the puddle-splasher. One neighbour told the Daily Mail: "Police should be focusing on burglaries, theft and assault, things like that. I understand this lady got drenched but it's just one of those things."

"We've got no description of the vehicle," continued the police spokesperson. "A member of the public mentioned this incident to a PCSE who wrote to residents as a reminder to be more considerate when driving though puddles."

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