Dashcam captures car flying over snow bank

Dashcam footage has caught the moment a car flew over a snow bank and ploughed into traffic in Vaughan, Ontario.

At the start of the video, cars are just beginning to come to a stop at a set of traffic lights in wintery Canada.

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Yet, before you know it a Volvo S60 crashed out of a shopping centre car park, over a snow bank and straight into a stationary Toyota saloon.

Amazingly, the Volvo only narrowly touched the vehicle fitted with the dashcam. It is not known whether any of the occupants of the other cars were injured.

The incident occurred in Vaughan, just north of Toronto on Saturday.

The footage was shot by Frank Morash who told CTVNews.ca: "I was just sitting at the traffic lights, and all of a sudden I see a flash to my right, and a great big cloud of snow and a car comes flying towards us."

Regional police are currently investigating the incident.

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