Escaped prisoner is jailed after driving the wrong way down a motorway

Footage from a police helicopter has captured the thrilling finale to a car chase, in which an absconded prisoner tried to drive the wrong way down a Hampshire motorway – but had his vehicle flipped over by police.

Darryl Dempsey, age 22, walked away from Ford prison in West Sussex, but was tracked down by officers 10 days later as he drove an Isuzu Trooper 4x4 through the Hampshire countryside.

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Police pursued Dempsey, eventually catching up with him, but he failed to stop and led officers on a 13-minute chase. He even attempted to drive the wrong way down the M3 to escape pursuit.

The chase came to an end when one officer deliberately crashed into Dempsey's car, flipping it over onto its roof and ensuring he couldn't drive away.

Nobody was hurt in the smash. Dempsey was jailed again for two years, on charges of dangerous driving, escaping custody, driving while disqualified and criminal damage.

Chief Inspector Mark Lewis, from the Joint Roads Policing Unit, said: "Thanks to the bravery and courage of our highly-trained officers this pursuit ended without injury and with the man responsible detained.

"If Dempsey had not been stopped at that point, he would have got onto the M3, driving the wrong way, which would have been potentially fatal for him and any other innocent road users."

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