Fowl play? West Yorkshire Police outclassed by terrifying gang... of geese

A pair of police officers were sent on a wild goose chase, after a group of the birds confronted them in Sowerby Bridge.

PC Saif Khan and a female colleague caught the waterfowl on dashcam, along with their misguided attempts to disperse the rowdy gaggle.

The feathery crew were blocking the road in the West Yorkshire town, leading police to attempt to move them on. PC Khan's colleague seemed hesitant to approach the birds, which are known to attack thousands of people each year.

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PC Khan then approached the honking parade, baton in hand, dispersing most of them out of sight of the camera. Members of the public appeared unwilling to wait for the officers to clear the remaining birds, with one red Vauxhall Astra impatiently edging forward.

Posting the video to Twitter, commenters were quick to see the funny side, referencing the hilarious swan scene from the movie Hot Fuzz, as well as paying homage to police drama Happy Valley, which was filmed in the town.

One commenter tweeted: "You don't see hard hitting stuff like this on Happy Valley do you!" while others took the pun approach. "Would you have a gander at that?!" commented another.

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